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At heart, Bejay is a multi-award-winning serial social entrepreneur dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs the skills they need to take their business to the next level. 

With a passion for empowering people and solving complex problems, Bejay’s vision is expansive – with the aim of creating experiences which fundamentally change people’s lives. His entrepreneurial journey has demonstrated impact upon the wider community, shown in the constant stream of honours he receives and prominent features across the UK, through social media promotion and industry outreach. Bejay is a prolific international speaker, sharing his expertise and insight with thousands of people across the globe across the private and public sector spaces alike. 

Bejay’s first experience in business began at age 14 with the birth of Supa Tuck. Dissatisfied with the teaching and pedagogy of business studies in the classroom environment, Bejay convinced his school to allow him and friends to run a tuck shop in order to gain first-hand experience of the theory being taught in the classroom. Supa Tuck made over £15,000 in their first academic year. Realizing the beneficial impact of the program in educating students in business, the model was franchised and scaled. Within three years, the program reached over 5,000 young people across 100 schools leading it to be featured in Lord Young’s ‘Enterprise For All’ report in 2014.

This was only the beginning for Bejay. He knew there were pervasive gaps in the UK education system in imparting tangible and practical skills to young people. The result was Supa Academy. a comprehensive platform which enables young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills. As part of the platform, Supa Academy held Supa Market, the UK’s first pop-up market, which created a live working environment where organisations including Barclays, River Island, Facebook, Pepsi and Accenture can witness young people demonstrate the applicable skills needed in a business environment. The three-day event saw hundreds of young people attending talks and workshops around retail and enterprise before building a series of market stalls – selling both established and independent products, running an auction room, bar, food stalls, live music entertainment and an e-commerce platform. The event attracted over 500 participants and 5,000 public customers and had a total viewership and readership of over 29 million people.

Supa Academy organised a number of pre-event workshops and seminars, targeted towards the successful running of the Supa Market. These included an e-commerce workshop run in tandem with River Island, an omnichannel retail masterclass developed with Accenture, a pop-up shop run in Old Street Tube Station, a Supa Wired music programme held at Concrete in Shoreditch, a River Island pop-up shop at BoxPark; all of which culminated in the Supa Market Hack event in July. As well as enticing over 500 young people to attend and run the event, it also featured seminars held by Marc Allera (CEO, EE), Ben Lewis (CEO, River Island), Fraser Doherty (Founder, Super Jam), Emily Brooke (Blaze Bikes), Helen Smythe (SMB EMEA at Facebook), and Frank Meehan (SparkLabs and SmartUp). Following the success of Supa Market, Bejay launched his organisation Supa Talent, and built Supa Network, which connects young talent with the employers that need them by closing the skills gap and supporting young talent’s entrepreneurial ambitions.

Bejay has also gone on to further extend his impact and outreach through the organizing of enterprise events and seminars, attracting thousands of young people throughout the year. Working with partners such as Facebook, Makerversity, TrueStart, Enterprise Nation and Barclays, Bejay sought to continually educate young people on entrepreneurialism. It is Bejay’s passion and drives which enables him to continue to reach out to the younger generation and help them tap into their potential and demonstrate it to the wider business community.

Bejay also has a heart for community empowerment and mobilisation. During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Bejay worked alongside colleagues to build a coalition of grassroots local charities, government and industry bodies to found A Plate for London. The organisation exists to reach members of the Greater London community falling between the cracks of the system, to make sure they have access to a nutritious meal every day. So far, the organisation has supported thousands of people in the first few weeks of the initial outbreak and continues to provide resources for families in London.

His repertoire is ever-expanding, and another area of expertise is present in music management and influencer marketing. Bejay formerly consulted for Simon Cowell’s music label, Syco, and managed the up and coming star Ayanna Witter-Johnson at the tender age of 18. Through his management, Ayanna was able to gain multiple opportunities and eventually hosted a sold-out show at the Jazz Cafe for her debut.  Bejay was also the Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer for the fast-growing marketing agency Fili, which saw him speak at various international conferences across the globe, build HR structure, secure seed investment and lead campaign partnerships with the likes of Lynx, Virgin EMI, Sony RCA, Coca Cola and more. 

Bejay is the youngest award winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion in the UK, receiving the award aged 20.

What ties all of Bejay’s pursuits together is his core mission of delivering value to individuals, collectives and institutions through his passion for business, entrepreneurship and empowerment. 

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